Recently I came across a company called Newport Skinny Tea that offers fun products such as “Heartbreaker Recovery Tea” and “Mermaid Cove Metabolism Tea”. There are tons of teas and other unique beauty and health-related products.

I tried out “Unicorn Magic Happiness Tea” and “Glow Skinny Daytime Tea”. I was particularly interested in the latter to see if it would actually give me some sort of glow (I’m always searching for ways to improve the appearance of my skin). And I had to try Unicorn Magic Happiness because duh.

Both of these teas are delicious! After having Glow for a couple of days I found myself getting really excited to make a cup. Unicorn is also delicious and they both come out with really minimal leaf sediment. The only downfall is that I have to be at home with my tea infuser to prepare them. Hopefully in the future there is a bag option. I can’t honestly say that either made a difference in my physical appearance, but they did make me happy!

Give them a try!



I received compensation for an honest review of this product.