As a few of you may have noticed, I love doing stuff outside. Golfing, hiking, snowboarding – you name it and I’m outside doing it. I am very conscious of the effects all of that sunshine can have on my skin, so I usually put waterproof sunscreen on my face and arms and wear a hat. While it’s awesome that my skin is protected, it’s also a major bummer that the sunscreen turns my skin into a dusty, salty, sticky sort of disaster. If I want to stop off anywhere civilized after an adventure then it’s nice to be able to clean myself up first.

Enter a solution! TapaReef Sunscreen Remover is amazing. Not only is it pretty darn close to all-natural, but it’s biodegradable, not tested on animals, and doesn’t smell like a crummy soap. I am in love with the citrusy smell; the first time I tried it I had just gone on a long, dirty hike on a 90-degree day, but the wipes removed my sweaty sunscreen and left me smelling (fairly) clean. The ease of throwing the wipes in my backpack or car has kept me using this product ever since.

TapaReef Sunscreen Remover comes in a 25-count pack or individually wrapped wipes (these are my favorite for lightweight packing). Based in Australia, these people know how to get sunscreen off! I would highly recommend this product for it’s effectiveness, ingredients, smell, and environmental awareness. Love it!



I was compensated for an honest review of this product.