As part of Chobani’s Simply 100 Crunch line release, they’re encouraging people to live a little lighter with the help of some fun calorie-burning activities!


It can be really fun and easy to burn some extra calories throughout the day. My ideal day would include a lot of these activities! I could wake up and cook breakfast while dancing around my kitchen, then go shopping for a couple of hours, jog to the gym to meet up with a friend for a little weight-lifting, and get in a few minutes of calming yoga before bed. It sounds like a relaxing day, but I’d actually burn over 800 extra calories! If I ate healthy and did some fun activities every day, I would lose a pound in just four days!

Getting healthy doesn’t have to feel like a chore; doing things you love and eating delicious things (like Chobani Greek Yogurt) can make all the difference!

What would your ideal day of calorie-burning look like? Let me know in the comments!