I’m proud to be a TOOPRETTY ambassador! The following is from their website:

Too Pretty was created by Cary Williams, a former Olympic style boxer, Olympic level boxing coach and owner of several California boxing clubs in California. She currently coaches at her club in Santa Monica, CA.

The message behind the brand is that, as girls/women, we are too often told that we are too pretty, fragile or delicate to do certain things. As a fighter, Cary was constantly told that she was too pretty to be a boxer. Yep! Then when they saw her fight they changed that to, “You fight Like A Boy”!” Then and there Too Pretty was created. Girls are led to believe that in order to be a competitive, powerful person, their femininity has to be sacrificed. Girls and women of all ages should be encouraged to feel confident, powerful, beautiful and intelligent, no matter what their passions are in life. Play and work hard enough to chip that nail polish!

The extensions of Cary’s original brand, “Never Too Pretty To Hit Like A Boy” are what you will see now on this site. With all sports and activities playing such a vital role in our physical and mental development as girls/women, Too Pretty strives to encourage young women to embrace their feminine qualities as well as the incredible physical and mental attributes that are required in so many male-dominated activities.

There are many girls brands and womens brands out there to choose from such as Roxy, Nike Women, Pink and many more. Here at Too Pretty we encourage you to choose the brand that fits your moto, your personality and the one that has meaning to you!

The goal of Too Pretty is to inspire girls and women of all ages to GO FOR IT and FIGHT FOR IT!