In my Tuesday Tips post I promised that today I would share photos of the beautiful hike I did on Tuesday. Thanks to my mom-in-law for joining me! I am sure you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat, so here goes…

We came upon this waterfall after about a mile of uphill hiking. I took this photo from the cave that extends behind the waterfall.
The trail opened up to this beautiful view of the Columbia River after only about 1.5 miles.
This little water spray coming off of the basalt rock was so sparkly and gorgeous in the sunlight, but I didn’t have the proper camera or skill set to capture it.
This is called Triple Falls for the obvious reason. There’s a calm pool area at the bottom that I’d like to revisit in the summer.
The moss was unbelievable.
We had to cross this to continue on the trail! It was well worth it.
The final destination was this log bridge stretching over Oneonta Canyon. I got a bit dizzy taking this picture, but I’m glad I got it.
Time to head back! I was tired, muddy, and ecstatic.

I hope you can all see why fitness is such a necessary and integral part of my life; my best days are spent with the breeze on my face, the dirt under my feet, and a destination I can look forward to. I couldn’t live the life I love without my good health and constant fitness efforts.

Hopefully you all enjoyed my environment through my eyes!

-The Bikini Bookworm